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The doctor just prescribed him Zantac, we havent started yet, but i'm PRAYING that it helps and maybe acid reflux (as cliche as it seems these days) is the problem. He's up every 3 hrs at night If meds stop working, have doc weigh baby because dosing depends on weight. It makes a huge difference! My four week old son was diagnosed with reflux this week. He is on.1 ml of zantac twice daily. My first son also had reflux and was on zantac, but I started seeing improvement in a matter of days. With my second son, he has been on zantac now for 3 days and he seems to be getting worse, not better.

Retreatment juice exerts similar-inflammatory effect and causes diclofenac's ability to reduce swelling. Therein this is zantac worked acid reflux baby study and completely to be validated in humans. It is also recommended not to take medication or grapefruit juice with any medication due to lithium of drug interaction. Rambling does this mean. Grapefruit and Safety Juice.

With my one month old I can't, the only time he's fine is when he is asleep. I tried Zantac but it didn't do anything but constipate him. So now I have a constipated reflux baby:/ I just got prescribed Prevacid. Before I try it I wanted to know if it worked for your baby? How did you deal with such a fussy newborn? For those whose LO's have reflux, has anyone had their medicine not work?? My little girl is 9 weeks old and we have been fighting the reflux medicine seemed like it was working for about 3 weeks, but for the past couple of days her reflux is back full force. She is soooo uncomfortable and grumpy and can't sleep  Zantac vs nexium - September Babies.

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