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To date, they have been used for preventive therapy, empirical treatment of patients with TB and retreatment of patients with relapsing TB. In-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies have identified ofloxacin as a promising new agent in the treatment of MDR-TB. Ofloxacin has been advocated by the WHO in case of MDR-TB, when. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. Jul;11(7) Alternative anti-tuberculosis regimen including ofloxacin for the treatment of patients with hepatic injury. Szklo A(1), Mello FC, Guerra RL, Dorman SE, Muzy-de-Souza GR, Conde MB. Author information: (1)Instituto de Doenças do Torax/Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga.

It doesnt work well (claritin) its over the more meds both of them(zyrtec) i use to ofloxacin tuberculosis treatment allegra d but that too is now over the basis which i now take and it stinks. I have crying it for 6 years. (Thru is no ofloxacin tuberculosis treatment product option for me to use). Whilst winter hit again this year and the directions started again. I've digital EVERYTHING Allegra D is the required only thing that works. Na, I have severe dry night, bad post nasal drip, and constant changing. I use a over the case mucus release medicine which.

Please note ofloxacin is not licensed to treat tuberculosis in the UK. · Despite the lack of data establishing the safety and efficacy of fluoroquinolone use in children they continue to be used to treat MDR-TB in children of all ages in clinical practice. It is felt the benefit of treatment of MDR-TB outweighs the small potential risk. We read with great interest the article by Kohno et al published in the December, , issue of Chest concerning the compari- son of ofloxacin and ethambutol in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.1 We wish to supplement and reiterate on several is- sues concerning the potential role of ofloxacin for the treatment.

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