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Hello,. Yes, for example oxycodone has that side effect and it is a severe one and one must seek for immediate medical attention. It would help to know what pain med you are on so we can check if difficulty urinating is a side effect of your medication. Common side effects of Vicodin include: lightheadedness,; dizziness,; anxiety,; nausea,; vomiting,; upset stomach,; drowsiness,; constipation,; headache,; mood changes,; blurred vision,; ringing in your ears,; dry mouth, and; difficulty urinating. Tell your doctor if you have serious side effects of Vicodin including shallow.

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Swim apologizes if this comes to no use for swiy, however, if You is worried that difficulty urinating is uncommon, I want to stress that it's literally the most common side effect of opiates.. (in swims opinion) so don't worry. She hopes this reply has been a help to swiy, and she apologizes for the length- but she. does anyone know why this happens? the first time it happened to me i was on oxycontin and it took me like 20 minutes to be able to pee! now i am on vicodin because of some dental work i need done next week - and im having the same problem! what gives? (sorry if this grosses anyone out, but i have to  Kidney pain after opiate detox.

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