How long until you lose weight on topamax

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I also just started on topamax. I'm only on 25mg at night. I wanted to know also what is the key to your weight loss? Did you continue to eat the same and do all your regular day to day routines? Did you start exercising and eating healthy everyday? Also how long did it take to start losing weight after your 1st. I know this reply is rather late after your origional post, but I would not take Topamax for weight loss especially if you are female. . How long before any started to see weight loss when starting Topamax? Does anyone here take Topamax 25mg and what are your stories any side effects of weight loss?

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I am currently 5'7" and weight lbs. My weight before the medicated weight gain was and I had reached before I started losing. I was never overweight before the weight gain and I never had issues with food before this so regaining my control over food and "flipping the switch" back in my brain. My question is about weight loss long term, i hear averages of 40 to 50lbs. I was prescribed topamax for migrains 2 months ago, and it works great, and as a much needed side affect ive lost 42lbs, but being very obease of 5'3' and was , im just hoping this trend will continue, I would love to lose another.

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