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For my son, the delivery system of the Concerta did nothing positive". mikeyinto It is the 18mg dosage, but while I feel a bit more focused, sadly I feel more focused on my emotions. Hopefully . It will not get your work done for you nor will it solve all of your issues that you may have, but it will make life a LOT easier to live. About what time do you feel the release kick in? I think I feel that too.I take the medicine at am and I think the second lift is around ? I switched to concerta because adderalll xr was making me very very lethargic and stuff.. and I was having constant rage attacks.. and would literally beat on stuff.

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Yes, you can become addicted to Concerta. In normal doses, Concerta does not appear to be addictive. However, physical dependence to Concerta can occur even in people who are taking the medication as prescribed. Concerta does create a tolerance over time, so that users need to take larger amounts. here's how concerta 54mg makes me feel. - i'm awake. i won't sleep for atleast about 24 hours or so. i have so much energy! working out on concerta is great too! you really don't get that "can't do it anymore" feeling. i can go crazy on working out! -concerta works for 12 hours. well mine does. i don't know if  Question - - How to get high on concerta with ADHD.

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