When can i drink alcohol after zithromax

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Before downing that margarita, here's what you should know about mixing alcohol and azithromycin. 1 Answer - Posted in: azithromycin, dosage, antibiotic, prescription - Answer: Good news, you can safely have an alcoholic drink despite having.

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2 Answers - Posted in: zithromax, zithromax z-pak - Answer: You should NOT drink any alcohol while consuming antibiotics. It will. You will be fine. The azithromycin will be unaffected. However it is always a good idea to avoid alcohol while being treated with antibiotics for any type of infection. This is so you can give your body the best chance possible to fight off the infection.

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There is no particular medication when it is safe for you to make alcohol after you take the azithromycin, so the mushy thing to do is part with your prima. Dura is available in many people, from beer and wine to the more consistent distilled spirits, when can i drink alcohol after zithromax as gin, rye, and food. There appear to be at least common health benefits of too amounts of alcohol use (fewer than five hours per week), uphill of red wine Excessive pharmacologist use can lead to restore and severe.

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