Can i take a soma while breastfeeding

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This includes medications used for pain. Opiates, and other analgesics. My dr. said it's ok to take while breastfeeding, but what I read on the internet it says do not take while breastfeeding. I have a call You can even ask a pharmacist for some compatible recommendations and then speak to your dr about them and seeing if he agrees that they are appropriate for you. Oct

Alli slankepillen indeholder som nævnt stoffet Orlistat. Der findes 2 varianter af Alli. En receptpligtig specified, Xenical, som indeholder mg af det aktive stof Orlistat, samt håndkøbsvarianten, Alli, som can i take a soma while breastfeeding 60 mg af det aktive stof Orlistat. Alli slankepillen er en. Orlistat påvirker kroppens nedbrydelse af overskydende fedt, og i stedet for optagelse i kroppens fedtdepoter forbliver en del af det overskydende fedt uomdannet og udskilles fra kroppen med afføringen ved toiletbesøg.

If your healthcare provider recommends that you take Soma while breastfeeding, be sure to watch for any side effects (especially excessive drowsiness and After considering what you want and expect, as well as your current health situation, you and your healthcare provider can make a shared decision that is right for. Yes: Soma can be quite sedating and there is potential for addiction and abuse. WHY????: Why in the world would you take this for any reason? A single dose of this addicting tranquilizer is not likely to harm anyone. The baby may become sleepy for a few hours. Avoid any unneeded meds, especially while nursing. Read.

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